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Earths last and greatest final frontier, Antarctica! This is the kind of destination many dream of, surreal landscapes teeming with wildlife and following the steps of heroic adventurers. Antarctica is a travel destination that will become your greatest life memory. This is my Antarctica travel video which has rare drone footage as only a select few people on the planet have been given permission to use drones in Antarctica and I am one of them! I hope you enjoy this one of a kind expedition into the most remote corner of the planet, Antarctica!

Picking a Expedition for Antarctica

There are quite a few Tour operators available to choose from. I have been asked which one I picked and that is Poseidon Expeditions. I will let you in a secret, the bigger and more luxurious the expedition operator is, the less you will be allowed to do. This is because IAATO makes sure only a certain number of visitors to Antarctica are allowed to kayak, camp and walk on shore. Poseidon Expeditions works closely with IAATO and because of the numbers on their expedition cruises you are able to do everything! This is because Poseidon is at the lowest number capacity for landings.

A trip with Poseidon Expeditions will give you the best possible experience to Antarctica, I highly recommend them. You can see their Antarctica tours here and join me next year to South Georgia Islands!

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