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Nepal Still Shines after the Earthquake

Nepal Still Welcomes Tourists Even After The Devastation

Kathmandu, NepalĀ 

April 2015 brought devastation to Nepal. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the capital and much of the country, killing over 8000 people. I have visited Nepal many times in the past, but my most recent visit a few months ago left me heart broken. So many amazing places here have been either damaged or destroyed altogether. One thing however that has not changed is the heart and spirit of the Nepalese people. The people are resilient and strong; they are working hard to repair the damage that has been done and restore the desperately needed tourism industry. Unfortunately, since the earthquake tourism has been almost non-existent. My recent travels into Nepal have shown me that yes, Nepal has been damaged and yes, much of what I had loved is now gone, but this did not affect my interest at all in this wonderful nation. Nepal still is and always will be an incredible country to visit. In this post I will show some of the devastation, but more importantly I will show you why you should still visit Nepal. Read More