The Frankincense Trail, Salalah, Oman

Salalah Oman Oman’s Dhofar Region is famed for its stunning landscapes and Frankincense. Exploring the region, you will come across hints of the Frankincense trail’s once lively past; From ancient castles, caravan trails, and Frankincense farms that have been here for centuries. This is Oman’s wild frontier and has ample room for the curious traveler to wander...

Exploring Nizwa and the Hajar Mountains, Oman

Nizwa, Oman Leaving Oman’s glitzy capital, Muscat, into the Hajar mountains things change. Life is slower paced out here. It’s decisively more conservative as well. The small communities that call the Hajar Mountains home are more traditional and are deeply connected to Omani culture. If you are looking for an Arabia that has been lost in neighbouring countries, than...

The Guide to Cuisine in Oman

Top Eats Oman
As I roamed the streets in search of antiques, clothing, and trinkets to bring home to my family I was quickly distracted by the distinctive aromas of spices and sweets emanating from the restaurants that lined the streets. Omani cuisine changed the game for me; the unique blend of spices creates a flavor combination unlike any other.

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Oman

Is Oman one of your bucket list travel destinations? Here are 10 reasons why I think it should be! And for those of you who haven’t ever considered it, here are a few things that I loved about it, and reasons why it should be an option for those looking for a unique travel experience.