Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging

Travel Gear Guide

I often get asked what kind of specialized equipment I take traveling with me and after years of trial and error, I can tell you that I have become very particular in what I decide to bring. Apart from my electronics most of my equipment is not that expensive, instead, it is just things that have made my life easier while I travel. I put together this gear guide to show you what I find works best for me and to help you see what kind of gear you need to travel to crazy destinations like I do! Get your backpack ready and prepare for traveling’s most important lesson, the essential travel gear guide!

Pick the Gear That Works for You!

This gear guide is what I bring with me on my adventures and for Professional Travel Blogging. Now, depending on where I am going some of these items may change, for example, if I am going somewhere cold then I will bring warmer clothes.

This guide will help you see gear that is tested by me, and why I choose certain brands or specific items. Most importantly though, you must decide what gear works best for you! I love this gear after years of using it but be sure to think about whether it will necessary for your travel needs.

Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging

My favorite Travel Clothing For Travel Blogging

Fjallraven Jacket – I am a complete sucker for all Fjallraven’s gear. Its super durable looks vintage and incredibly high quality. Their light jackets are warm when used in layers and have the option to be waterproofed with wax.

Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging
Hiking in Tibet sporting my Fjallraven Jacket

Greenland Wax – This is the Greenland Wax that is used to waterproof the Fjallraven jackets. It can also be used to waterproof any of your other gear, just rub it on and use a blow dryer to melt it in.

Merino Henley Sweater – Every trip I go I like to wear a Henley style sweater. This sweater works as a long sleeve t-shirt or a sweater when you wear layers underneath.

Merrel Hikers – Merrel seems to be the only brand of hikers that last for me. They are built to last and come in so many varied sizes. Many of the shoes also don’t look super sporty which can be super useful when you need them for multiple uses other than hiking.

Kufiya Palestinian Scarf – This is something I never leave home without. The Keffiyeh is stylish yet practical and honestly looks super cool. Its great for conservative countries, covering your head from the sun and keeping you warm. I particularly like Kufiya Scarfs as they are made right in Palestine. They are the last Palestinian scarf makers, if you use the code Uncharted Backpacker on their site you will also get a discount!

Merino Wool Underwear and Socks – Merino wool is the warmest and highest quality of wool. It is also not itchy letting you wear it at any time! It’s also incredibly warm and super thin making it super lightweight to pack.

My Backpacks For Traveling and Side Bag for Travel Blogging

Domke Side Bag – I have been through so many side bags, but Domke is my longest lasting and favorite. It’s a camera bag that you wax to make waterproof and has multiple large compartments for all your camera gear. Hands down the best side bag of all time!

Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging

Osprey 65l Atmos Bag – Osprey makes the best backpacks, they are so sure of this that they back this up with a lifetime guaranteed warranty.

Fjallraven Small Backpack – When I am hiking or walking longer distances I opt for my Fjallraven day pack. Once again, its great because I can waterproof it, its durable, and it looks like a vintage explorer bag… totally my style.

Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging
Fjallraven Backpacks are durable and great for the outdoors

The Best Travel Electronics for Travel Blogging

Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging

Nomad Solar Panel – This handy little solar panel has saved my life a few times. It does not need to be plugged in just simply lay it in the sun and plug whatever electronic in through its USB port and it will charge, It’s amazing!

Samsung S8 – I’m a Samsung guy. It works everywhere, and I do most of my photo editing on it! I take my S8 on all my trips. I don’t have an S9 yet, but I hear it’s another great improvement over the S8!

Bluetooth Beats Speaker –  Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is turn my music. My beats speaker has lasted several trips and is quite small for easy packing. Did I mention it has great sound quality as well!

External Hard drive – I cannot stress to you how important this one is. As all my tech friends say, back up your backups for pictures and videos. This way if anything happens you will never lose your precious photos.

Best Travel Photography Accessories for Travel Blogging

Sony A7rii – I betrayed Nikon and switched to Sony a few years back. Best decision I ever made. My Sony is by far the best travel camera I have ever owned in eleven years of globetrotting. There is also a newer Sony A7 Riii which is supposed to be even better which I do not yet have.

Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging
Old City of Sana’a in Yemen taken with my Sony A7rii

GoPro Hero – GoPro has always been my go-to for video cameras. It’s a tough little 4k camera with tons of fun accessories.

Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging
GoPro is perfect for Scuba Diving!

Mic for Gopro – If you like to record sound like I do the mic is essential for the GoPro. Gopro’s biggest con is its lousy sound quality on videos.

Zeiss 24-70mm f2.8 Lens – When I travel I only carry one lens. My Zeiss lens is very high quality and performs magically in fast-paced situations. I’ve used it for years now!

DJI Spark Drone – The newest addition to my line up of professional Travel Blogging tools. The DJI Spark Drone is extremely small and has a huge range when used with the remote. This tiny Drone also packs plenty of power shooting at 1080p and 12mp. I love my DJI Spark and wouldn’t trade it for any other drone for Travel Blogging.

My Favorite Travel Accessories for Travel Blogging

Maori Toki Jade Pendant 

Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging

Since my early days as a backpacker, I have always loved to wear a Jade Toki Pendant. Every traveler has their good luck charm and this is mine! Hand Made from Flower Jade in Maori tradition from a small family owned business in New Zealand is my Surface Breaker Pendant.  Check out New Zealand Pacific to get yours HERE! 

Straight Razor – I’ve always been into barber equipment and I love to travel with my straight razor. I opt for the one with disposable blades.

Headlamp – This is not just for camping, in the third world power is not a guarantee meaning rolling blackouts are common. Having light when your cell block hostel rooms power goes out is a luxury worth having!

The World Lonely Planet – This is the ultimate book to get you inspired for travelling. Complete with maps, highlights and tips for every country of the world!

Travel Gear Guide For Professional Travel Blogging

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