Work With Me

Work With Me

Uncharted Backpacker Site’s Vision

After traveling to over seventy countries in a span of eight years I have obtained a certain expertise in the travel world. In these years of travel, I have become well known as the Backpacker who will travel anywhere regardless of security, politics, or visas. Because of this, I have seen what very few travelers have ever seen. Uncharted Backpacker is a testimony to these wonderful places I have been. Uncharted Backpacker is also an endless source of tips on gear, travel companies, and travel.

Work With the Uncharted Backpacker

I love working with others to make the travel world more connected! If you feel like you can contribute to my vision with Uncharted Backpacker then please feel free to email me at I receive many emails everyday about traveling to crazy destinations, travel tips, and working together, but bear in mind that while I am on the road it is hard to get back to everyone quickly.

Press and Media

Public Speeches

In the past, I have done speeches about the alternative life of travel. I love to talk about travel! If your organization is interested in General Travel, Backpacking, Off the Beaten Path Destinations, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Mountain Climbing or other kinds of travel then send me a message. I live in Western Canada so if you are local then I would be very keen on working together as well.

Guest Posts

I am often asked to do guest posts on other sites. Writing for others is a passion for me! If you have a related travel site to mine I would be very interested in writing a guest post. Keep in mind I am asked many times a day for this. On my site, I do sometimes have guest posts. Usually, these are travelers I have met along the road and have inspired me to travel the way I do.


With my website’s vision focusing more on helping travelers and showing the world what amazing places there are I tend not to have too many sponsors. My site is based on my honest opinions on products that I have used, and companies I have traveled with.

If your company has a similar vision then I’d love to hear your ideas on how we can work together. My website can always use more help. Send me a message at, let’s work together and make travel amazing!

Want To Learn More About Me?

Read my about me page for a bit of an overview on my life!