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Stephen Gollan

Uncharted Backpacker is a glimpse at the past eleven years of globetrotting I have done. Now at over ninety countries I share my travel knowledge for you so you too can travel the world and see what wonders it has to offer.

Uncharted Backpacker – A Recollective Journey into the World of Traveling

Uncharted Backpacker What defines us as a “traveler”. What separates our journeys from the common tourist? We all go searching for something unique but end up following each other’s paths. I believe what sets us apart is “the traveler” is always in search of something we cannot obtain, a life altering experience, to get lost in faraway lands, even when the...

The Impact of Traveling the World – How Travel Has Changed Me

The Impact of Traveling Lately, I have seen a lot of conceding, self-promoting bullshit travel blogging posts about how traveling is nothing but sunshine and roses. This however is nearly never the whole story. These posts I am talking about usually start off with a hook to lure you in like “How traveling ruined my life”, but after reading the post-it eventually...

The End of The World – A Guide to Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina  The furthest most city in the world, a place oozing with an explorer, Frontier vibe kinda place. Its the gateway city to Antarctica, the true final frontier, but Ushuaia has many more reasons to visit other than being the starting point to the Antarctic. The mountains of “Tierra del Fuego” at the tail end of Patagonia create a...