Author - Stephen Gollan

What Have I been Up to Since the Pandemic Started?

Travel Uncharted Backpacker 

It has been a long year for everybody and for those who have not been able to travel we have had to adjust from the nomadic life to staying put for the time being. Since February I too have resided to my home base here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With little hope of traveling anytime soon, it has been a struggle to keep up with my travel blog, not because I do not have lots of stories to tell, but more so because talking about travel only makes me miss it more! Many of my friends have decided to take the plunge and try traveling at this time and I think that is wonderful, but for me staying at home and figuring out life has been a healing, necessary process for me! So, what exactly have I been up to this year? And what are the plans for the future of Uncharted Backpacker? 

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Where in the World Can I Travel During Covid?

Traveling During Covid 

Over the past few months of the pandemic, I have been quiet on the travel blogging scene. This is for many reasons, but the number one reason is simple; Travel has not been possible and those that have decided to defy the laws set in place were in my eyes, very foolish for doing so. So, I figured why write about travel when there are so many uncertainties ahead, alas! Some information is emerging on what travel is going to look like for the last quarter of 2020. Now, before you run off and purchase a plane ticket I recommend using this information that I have researched over the past few months as a guide to help you plan and do MORE research of your own as traveling during Covid can change rapidly. 

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Can You Travel to North Korea?

North Korea Travel 

A common question in the travel world is “can you travel to North Korea?” The simple answer to this is, yes! Small amounts of travelers have been visiting North Korea on organized tours for quite some time now. So why is it that when I show a photo on social media so many people are still in shock to see that I traveled extensively in North Korea? In this post I will show you the complete guide to traveling in North Korea and answer questions like: can you visit North Korea independently? Where in North Korea can you visit and all the bizarre experiences that a trip to North Korea can give you! Join me on one of the most strange but wonderful adventures into the most secretive nation on earth, North Korea! 

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11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

Why You Need to Visit Antarctica 

The Lure of traveling to Antarctica conjures up tales of immense adventure. Antarctica is widely considered the world’s final frontier for travelers! An expedition to the end of the world is a once in a lifetime experience, but you should not wait to take the plunge and travel here! I could honestly come up with hundreds of reasons why you need to visit Antarctica right now, but for your convenience, I have compiled 11 of my top reasons to visit the land of penguins. I spent a total of two weeks on the continent and it also happens to be my last continent visited! Antarctica truly has something for everyone, so join in on the adventure to Antarctica with me! 

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