Uncharted Backpacker Team

Uncharted Backpacker started from one travellers dream, but grew into a adventure travel website that a group of my closest friends help me manage. Without my friends Uncharted Backpacker could never have been possible! Through all the ups and downs my friends are truly the ones who have made my dream of creating Uncharted Backpacker possible and showing the world true adventure. Here is the Uncharted Backpacker team, my A -Team, Fantastic 4, League of Extraordinary Travellers and the ones who back me up when I need help!

Uncharted Backpacker TeamStephen Gollan – The Uncharted Backpacker

I started travelling at a young age and started Uncharted Backpacker travel website after backpacking for nine years. I have now globe trotted to over 100 countries! I am very inspired by nature, tribes and getting very off the beaten track. You can obviously read my full story on Uncharted Backpackers About Me page.

Carmine Grossi – Travel Tech Master, Programmer and Founder

Carmine has been right with me on Uncharted Backpacker since the beginning. Together we founded Uncharted Backpacker and turned it into the masterpiece it is today! Now, Carmine is beginning to travel uncharted corners of the world building his own journey!

Uncharted Backpacker TeamJacob Ewashen – The Editor and Outdoors Master

Jacob not only an editor has tagged along with me in Mongolia, Pakistan, Borneo and many other amazing outdoors adventures in search of tribal peoples and remote nature. For everything Outdoors Jacob is my go to man!

Uncharted Backpacker TeamChelsea Klapwyk – Assistant Writer and Travel Photographer

New to the team Chelsea writes, photographs and often travels the world with me in search of adventure. Chelsea takes care of all the Uncharted Travel Tips for a female perspective! Check out lots of her writing and posts right here on Uncharted Backpacker.