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Uncharted Backpacker – A Recollective Journey into the World of Traveling

Uncharted Backpacker What defines us as a “traveler”. What separates our journeys from the common tourist? We all go searching for something unique but end up following each other’s paths. I believe what sets us apart is “the traveler” is always in search of something we cannot obtain, a life altering experience, to get lost in faraway lands, even when the...

How To Become A Travel Influencer And Get Paid To Travel

Become a Travel Influencer and Get Paid to Travel

Becoming a travel influencer and getting paid to travel After all those Facebook ads of young travelers living amazing lives traveling the world and seamlessly making money while doing it, you have decided that you also want to have what they have. If it were only that easy, those travelers you see also happen to be incredibly hard-working, marketing masterminds and...

Into the Void – Traveling to the Most Remote Places on Earth

Remote Destinations When it comes to travel I can without a doubt say, that I travel a lot. Meeting new people is a common occurrence for me and I am often asked: “where is your favorite destination”. This is a hard question as I have found something I like in every country I have been to. An easier answer is my favourite places to travel are the hardest...