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Indian Subcontinent

Traveling the Karakoram Highway, Kashgar to Pakistan

Karakoram Highway The scenery is indescribable. As we slowly bump down this 1300km road in a colorful semi-truck with Urdu music blasting it’s hard not to get wrapped up in this amazing journey. It’s a difficult, uncomfortable, dusty and at time’s dangerous route, but it’s one that will stick with you forever. The Karakorum Highway is a classic traveler’s trail...

Hunza Valley, Pakistan – Land of the Immortals

Hunza Valley – Pakistan Paradise: A word often used to describe white sand, blue water and sitting in a lounge chair with your favourite beverage with no worries at all. This may be paradise for many, but not for me. For me, paradise is a place far removed from the fast paced life we live today. A place where the landscapes are like no other on this planet...