11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

Why You Need to Visit Antarctica 

The Lure of traveling to Antarctica conjures up tales of immense adventure. Antarctica is widely considered the world’s final frontier for travelers! An expedition to the end of the world is a once in a lifetime experience, but you should not wait to take the plunge and travel here! I could honestly come up with hundreds of reasons why you need to visit Antarctica right now, but for your convenience, I have compiled 11 of my top reasons to visit the land of penguins. I spent a total of two weeks on the continent and it also happens to be my last continent visited! Antarctica truly has something for everyone, so join in on the adventure to Antarctica with me! 

#1 The Climate is Changing Antarctica 

Yes, this is the most unfortunate reason why you should visit. Climate change is affecting Antarctica at an alarming rate. Glaciers are melting, many of Antarctica’s species are suffering and the weather is becoming increasingly more unpredictable.

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

Scientist are doing everything they can to preserve nature’s last paradise but visiting Antarctica now will ensure you see it in its most glorious state. Witnessing Antarctica’s beauty is a great way to bring awareness to climate change as well, as your stories will encourage others to make the effort in doing their part to help our world’s changing climates. 

#2 Antarctica Has Amazing Wildlife 

Talk to anyone who has been to Antarctica and the first thing they are likely to tell you is about the continent’s incredible wildlife and for good reason, because it’s true! Every day you are guaranteed to encounter different kinds of penguin species, burping lazy seals, gargantuan pods of whales and you will likely have the most special connection with nature than you have anywhere else on the planet. 

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

#3 Antarctica is a Photographers Dream

Photography is my career and passion so; without a doubt, I can tell you that Antarctica is a destination if you love photography. Here you will be put to the test’s photography massive ice shelves, curious wildlife, epic landscapes, and weather that can change in the blink of an eye all adding to amazing opportunities to photograph. Antarctica is truly a photographer’s paradise.

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

#4 The Landscapes in Antarctica are Amazing 

When our ship finally crossed the Drakes Passage my first impression of the seventh continent was how dramatic and beautiful the landscapes truly were. Massive black rock mountains with emerald blue ice caps crawling to the summits of these mountain peaks all whilst snowdrifts blow off into the pristine oceans creating an image I will never forget.

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

If you are a landscape fanatic, then Antarctica will impress even the most jaded traveller! 

#5 Antarctica Has Amazing Kayaking Opportunities 

Kayaking in Antarctica? Yes, you heard it right! Expedition companies are now offering the incredible chance to board your very own kayak and explore Antarctica’s coastline at your leisure. I kayaked with a veteran who has been kayaking for over thirty years around the world and he told me that Antarctica has the best kayaking in the world. He was without a doubt one hundred percent correct with this statement!

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

I Glided past massive icebergs with seals performing acrobats around my kayak in the water whilst penguins and whales could be heard in the distance. 

#6 Trips to Antarctica are Getting Cheaper 

The cost to travel to Antarctica was the main reason that deterred many travelers from coming here, but now many expedition companies are offering unique alternatives to lower costs of the trip to Antarctica! From sharing cabins to visiting in the off-season and last-minute deals!

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

A trip to Antarctica does not have to empty your wallet, now it is becoming increasingly difficult to make excuses for why you have not made it to the seventh continent! 

#7 Camping in Antarctica 

If you thought just visiting Antarctica was an extreme trip then think again, now you can camp in the world’s coldest continent! It’s not the conventional style of camping you are used to although.

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

Digging a hole in the snow and creating shelter to sleep in are just some of the experiences to be had here! But the best was awakening in the middle of the night and have penguins peering down at me wondering who this strange visitor was on their land! 

#8 Antarctica’s Fascinating History 

History is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when one is thinking about a trip south. But indeed, Antarctica has a plethora of fascinating historical sights, many of which have UNESCO Heritage status. From eerie abandoned whaling stations to shipwrecks and historic research stations form countless countries. Antarctica will deliver a history dose that you never expected. 

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

#9 Its an Expedition Not a Vacation 

Getting here can be difficult but it is all part of the wild adventure and will likely be one of the first things you brag about when it’s all done. Unlike many cruise and vacation destinations, a trip to Antarctica requires a lot of preparation. Antarctica is governed by IAATO a collaboration of nations coming together to protect the environment here.

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

This means you must attend a mandatory meeting to educate yourself about the species, what not to do on the continent, and how you too will promote preservation. From having all your clothes inspected for seeds to wearing only certain authorized equipment a trip to Antarctica is no vacation, but instead a scientific expedition! 

#10 Whales, Whales, and More Whales!

With commercial whaling in Antarctica, a thing of the past whale populations are flourishing around the continent. Orca’s, Humpbacks, Blue Whale, and Minke whales are just some of the species are can see here.

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

During my trip to Antarctica, I saw whales up close every single day to where I lost count of them! We even had an Orca family approach our boat to peek at its inhabitants! If you love whales as much as I do, Antarctica will leave you satisfied. 

#11 Conquering Your Seventh Continent

For me and I am sure many others before, Antarctica was the seventh and final continent. The satisfaction of knowing you have visited every continent is a special feeling that very few get the privilege of accomplishing! It might just look like a silly sign that I am holding, but that sign has been a lifetime of challenges and hurdles to get the opportunity to say I have traveled to every continent in the world!

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

Making the effort to get here you too can have this same feeling I experienced stepping foot on the last and most remote continent in the world. 

Top Reasons to Visit Antarctica Video

Poseidon Expeditions 

There is only a handful of expeditions to choose from as regulations for traveling to Antarctica are kept tight in order to preserve the continents pristine nature. Choosing which operator, you go with can mean a lot! Larger luxurious ships, for example, do not get the opportunity to do the landing that smaller ships do. This is just one example! 

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

I chose Poseidon Expeditions for this exact reason, but Poseidon also offers plenty of budget trips to Antarctica and with a smaller ship you will get to know each crewmember personally. The experience with Poseidon Expeditions was a lifetime experience and I am so profoundly happy with this company!

I highly recommend you check out their expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic! For me, I will be heading to South Georgia and Svalbard with them next! 

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11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now
11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now
11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

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