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What Has Travelling to Over 100 Countries Taught Me?

Travel Impact  When I say “travel”, I am not referring to those complacent bloggers and social media cretin who vanquish across the planet without a clue of what they have even seen in the process of doing it. I am talking about the ones who take the time to breathe in the air, sleep on a stranger’s floor, eat unfamiliar but delicious food, getting banged...

best countries for travel photography

Best Countries For Travel Photography 2021

Best Countries (or continents) For Travel Photography  There is no way around it, 2020 was not a year of travel and excitement. No award-winning photography or new destinations, instead travelers sharing images of 2019 reminiscing in the “old days”. Alas! 2021 is here and although it is starting off remarkably similar to the year we shall not further mention, there...

Yemen, A True Travel Story to the Most Dangerous Destination in the World

Yemen Travel This is a true story, not one you would expect to hear. It is one I have hesitated to tell as I did not want to encourage others to follow my path. I also do not want to create a negative image of Yemen as its people are some of the most hospitable and welcoming people on the planet. This is the full story of my two-month adventure in Yemen which brought...