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Uncharted Backpacker is a travel blog focusing on the remote corners of our planet. Hear the untold stories, explore lost worlds, get travel writing/photography tips, and discover fascinating cultures. Travel this incredible world with me to the parts unknown.


About me

Hi! I’m Stephen, an award-winning travel writer/photographer. I am an adventurer who has been traveling the world for over fifteen years. My passion is traveling to the parts unknown and telling the stories of those who call these remote regions home. From chaotic bazaars in Afghanistan, to living amongst hunting nomads in the high Arctic, my adventures have no limit and they have only just begun.

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Svaneti, Georgia Travel Guide

Svaneti, Georgia  It’s what pushes us as travelers to reach such far-flung destinations. The allure of the unknown, delving into the flavors of unique cultures, or the chance to tell a new story that will become an integral part of your identity.  The Svaneti region is in a...

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