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Travel Uncharted

A travel blog focusing on the remote corners of our planet. Photography tips, fascinating cultures, and off the beaten path hiking! Come on an adventure with me to see the parts unknown!


About me

Hi! I’m Stephen I am an award-winning travel photographer and adventurer who has been traveling the globe for over twelve years. My passion is traveling to the parts unknown to many and telling the stories of those who call these remote regions home. From chaotic bazaars in Afghanistan, to hunting with nomads in the high Arctic my adventures have no limit and they have only just begun.

Join me globetrotting the planet in search of culture, incredible cuisines and of course finding some of the most beautiful locations on our planet to photograph.

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Latest Posts

Travel Iraq Guide

Travel Iraq Guide For as long as I can remember Iraq has been in my life, but for all the wrong reasons. War on terror, car bombings, and more recently the Islamic State claiming the majority of the nation’s northern regions. However, over the past few years, something special has...

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  • 12 Years traveling
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