The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

I began traveling with the GoPro in 2013 on my second trip to India. Ever since then I have fallen in love with this mini action packed camera. Throughout my years of travel I have enjoyed using many of GoPro’s accessories, however, not all of them are created equal.
As a professional travel blogger, I can honestly tell you that the world of travel pairs incredibly well with this powerful little cam. I never leave anywhere without my GoPro anymore. Currently, I am using the Hero 4 Black Edition, GoPro’s top end model. But in the past, I have used many other of the models which also worked great!
During my travels, I have recorded awesome videos of diving with whale sharks in the Philippines, rock climbing to the rock-hewn churches in Northern Ethiopia, and motorbiking across the Himalayas over the world’s highest pass.

The GoPro is simply unmatched by other travel video cameras!

This is a list of GoPro Accessories that I have found incredibly useful while traveling! Don’t waste your time trying out other accessories, just check out my GoPro accessories I take along with me when I travel!

The Pole

There are many versions of the pole, but “The Pole” is the original, successful brand that has created such huge success amongst GoPro travelers alike. This durable GoPro pole Extends to 28″ (72cm) for that perfect shot and then Retracts to 9″ (22cm) for easy storage. The Pole is made exclusively for GoPro.

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories
Using The Pole in Papua New Guinea While Hitchhiking

The Frame

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

The easy clip-on basic Frame for the GoPro is quite possibly my most used accessory. The Frame reduces the size of the GoPro and allows for better sound quality. It is also essential if you are going to clip add-on like the GoPro Microphone. The Frame comes with a glass protective lens and an ultra-light frame that clips on and off fast for when you need to put your GoPro in a different housing.

I use The Frame more than any other housing because of the sound quality. When traveling there will be many scenes that you want to video whilst catching sound in high quality. The Frame is not good however if you are in bad weather conditions, as it does not protect the camera from the elements.

I find with the Frame because it is not in a bulky housing the video quality is usually a bit crisper.

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

HD Microphone

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

The perfect add on to anyone wanting to film those moments where the sound is key. There have been countless times where I wish I had the GoPro Microphone but hadn’t. My most recent times that The Microphone come in handy is when I filmed Mongolian Throat Singing in Western Mongolia.

The HD sound capabilities really added to the videos quality. The Microphone easily clips on through the side of The Frame, making it quick for those spur of the moment videos. As for traveling, HD sound has become an almost necessity nowadays.

I find that the GoPro camera itself does not have the best sound recording capabilities. So adding on this mini Microphone makes for a perfect HD video with HD quality sound!

Dive Housing

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

Designed specifically for Deep Sea Scuba Diving this Ultra durable and waterproof housing is good to 197’ (60m). The housing allows you to catch all those fish and shots you wanted while still being small and discreet. The Flat glass lens delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water.

I use to travel with a Fuji Camera and special housing. It was big and bulky. Now because of the GoPro, I never have to worry about this. The GoPro Dive Housing pairs great with the Red Diving Filter. Take your GoPro to new depths and record every part of your adventure!

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories
Dive Housing Down at 30 m

Red Diving Filter

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

Designed to use with the Dive Housing, The GoPro Red Dive Filter provides color correction while capturing footage in the Ocean at water depths of 15′ to 70′ (4.5m to 21.3m). Its scratch-resistant, optical-grade glass to ensure optimal image clarity while diving in the tropics.

The Red Filter really makes diving videos and pictures more vibrant and colorful. Without the Dive Filter, many of your videos/pictures come out looking very blue. Even correcting the shots with editing programs will not come out looking as good as with the Red Diving Filter.

It clips on and off easily with no extra tools. The Dive Filter is a must for any traveler who’s planning to plunge into the depths of the Ocean.

Great for when heading to any warm tropical destination like, South East Asia, Caribbean and anywhere else in the tropics!

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

Blackout Housing

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

There have come many times while traveling when filming or photographing needs to be low profile, like in museums, or sensitive areas. Thanks to the Blackout housing this can be accomplished by making the GoPro camera much more discreet.

The sleek matte finished Blackout Housing and LCD concealment stickers help eliminate light reflection from the housing’s LCD window while still keeping it waterproof to 131’ (40m). Perfect for those “Special Opts” filming times during traveling.

Go undercover with the Blackout housing!

GoPro Chesty

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

I prefer the Chesty over the head mount because your chest tends to move a lot less than your head. This makes for some extremely stable high-quality filming while you’re on a motorbike, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Cycling, and many other sports activities.

You’ll end up capturing more of your arms and feet while filming with the Chesty giving the video a more real first person view of whatever you’re doing providing an ultra-immersive perspective.

GoPro Tripod Mount

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

This compact mount allows the GoPro to be compatible with almost any tripod on the market. This is fantastic for traveling because you will be able to mount it to the same tripod you use for your camera. You can also mount it to those funky bendy tripods that wrap around poles or other items.

The Tripod Mount is small and easy to pack. It has been an essential tool in my line up of GoPro travel accessories.

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

GoPro Smart Remote

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

This Smart Remote has come in handy many times. More specifically when I am filming myself from a distance or when I want that cheesy selfie.

The Smart Remote allows you to control some of your GoPro’s setting from a distance of up to 600’ (180m) with this wearable, waterproof remote. The remote allows you to film those trick shots, like riding a motorbike past it or swimming around the shot while diving.

The remote also allows 40% increased battery capacity compared to just using it without it.

GoPro Hard Case

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

The GoPro Hard case is specifically designed to take a beating. No longer will you have to worry about your GoPro and accessories after you checked them in your luggage on the plane, or put them in your backpack under the bus.

The Hard case also comes with hidden slips to store SD cards and other important GoPro tools. If you are willing to push out the notes for the GoPro and its accessories than make sure it’s protected with this sleek hard case on your next adventure. The Hard Case is also water resistant in the event of unexpected weather conditions.

LCD GoPro Touch BacPac

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

Unless you have bought the Hero 4 Silver Edition, then your GoPro has no LCD screen. This detachable LCD screen is a must for anyone who takes taking videos and pictures serious. As you video, you can watch it frame by frame.

The LCD also allows you to review your videos/pictures afterward. The touch LCD backing does, however, kill your battery fast. So it’s best to come with a backup. Nowadays when you purchase a new housing it usually comes with the extended backing for the LCD.

All the settings including brightness can be set through the LCD as well making it much quicker to change settings for that unique shot.  When reviewing videos, the LCD has built-in speakers and headphone jack so you can hear the sound as well.

Grenade Grip

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

When you are not needing the extra length from The Pole, then this rubber gripped short handle will do the trick. It’s smaller and more compact than the pole making it better for packing. The rubber enforced grip helps reduce the chance of losing it whilst flailing your hand out a car window, or clinging to the side of a Tuk-Tuk for your dear life.

For a different, smaller alternative to the Pol check out the Grenade Grip made by the same company as The Pole!

GoPro Travel Tips and Tricks

Make sure to bring an extra battery or two. The GoPro is notorious for its battery dying right when you need it. The average life of the GoPro battery tends to be around only 30 min, even less than that if you are using the LCD or another add-on.

Don’t move around too much. The GoPro is a small camera, meaning the video will come out shaky even with lighter movements. Accessories like the Chesty and Tripod mount can really help reduce the shake in the video.

4K and ProTune mean less space. When you are using features like the Protune and quality setting 4K you will get a lot less video. When I say a lot less, I mean cut your 32GB down to about ten minutes of video time.

The Best GoPro Travel Accessories

My GoPro Video’s

Want to see some of my GoPro Footage? Check out my Youtube channel HERE to see where I have taken the GoPro to.

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