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Best Countries For Travel Photography 2021

Best Countries (or continents) For Travel Photography 

There is no way around it, 2020 was not a year of travel and excitement. No award-winning photography or new destinations, instead travelers sharing images of 2019 reminiscing in the “old days”. Alas! 2021 is here and although it is starting off remarkably similar to the year we shall not further mention, there does seem to be hope! After almost 13 years and over 120 countries, this is my ultimate list for those who want to travel the world and capture the most breathtaking imagery known to man! This is the ultimate destination guide for travel photographers and my favorite destinations for travel photography. 

Best Landscape Photography Countries And Places 


If you follow me at all you will see that Greenland is a destination I hold very close to my heart. Its landscapes are relatively unknown and can vary from rugged jagged mountains, to fjords filled with skyscraper-high icebergs. This is a landscape photographer’s dream. Greenland is also home to many fascinating Inuit cultures that take pride in their beautiful home. If wildlife is your thing Greenland is untouched and abundant in Arctic life. 


We’ve all seen the stunning imagery from Nepal, but Pakistan’s mountains, in my opinion, are just as favorable but a lot less visited! In Northern Pakistan, you can hike to remote valleys and landscapes that have rarely ever been seen before! The cultures that call these hidden valleys home are equally as impressive, only adding to the attractiveness of this region of the world for photographers. 

Best Countries For Travel Photography 2021

Best Adventure Travel Photography

Papua New Guinea 

Adventure is what I am all about and Papua New Guinea was easily one of the most exciting adventure destinations I have ever done! Photography, for the most part, cannot be planned here as tourism is virtually nonexistent! Those in search of a destination that will challenge them mentally and physically will be in love with this incredible adventure destination! Try smoking active volcanoes, virgin rainforests, and tribes who have virtually been untouched. 


Oh Mongolia, you are a rough and tough destination. Travel here requires a lot of patience and braving the elements, but those who dive into this stunning location will find an adventure easily told with their photography. It’s remote, beautiful, and has world class photography opportunities. The catch? It will require you the push yourself to the extreme. Mongolia is not for everyone and that is what makes it one of the best destinations for adventure travel photography. 

Amazing Wildlife Photography Destinations 


Not only are you traveling to the most remote, furthest reaches of the world, you will also be witnessing wildlife that was essentially unknown to mankind a little over a hundred years ago! Antarctica is completely untouched as IAATO has ensured that no country can lay claim to the last wildlife paradise on earth. Here you will be photographing leopard seals amongst icebergs, penguin colonies numbering in the thousands, all to some of the dreamiest landscapes I have ever seen! 


For obvious reasons, an East African nation had to make my list, but choosing which one was difficult! I decided to choose Kenya due to the immense number of wildlife that is found here. Photographing the “big 5” in Kenya’s diverse landscapes is a challenge, but one that wildlife photographer lovers will abruptly tell you is a once in a lifetime experience. Besides this, seeing a giant, wild African elephant with Kilimanjaro looming in the distance is insanely epic. 

Best Countries For Travel Photography 2021
Masai Mara, Kenya

Top Travel City Scape Places


City and street photography are challenging, but also incredibly fun. Japan having quite possibly the most vibrant, over the top, fluorescent-lit, pulsating…… I could go on and on with descriptive words about how super cool Japans’ cities are! Japan is the ultimate destination for those who want unique angles of busy streets, impossible architecture, and stunning vistas. 

Hong Kong

Another one of my favorite stops for city photography is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a fast-paced, changing environment of decrepit high rises, next to glitzy modern cityscapes. The contrast of old world and new is extremely prevalent here and so is the culture of the residents of Hong Kong! As architecture goes, Hong Kong will impress even the most jaded city-loving photographer! 

Travel Destinations for Drone Photography 


Surprisingly, I would have thought Madagascar to be more of a wildlife destination for me (which it was as well), but the photography I pulled out of Madagascar from my drone was some of the most jaw-dropping I have ever done! From above Madagascar, dozens of unique landscapes are a drone photographer’s dream! Where else can you photograph Africa’s largest and oldest trees at sunrise? 


Alright, I know what you are going to say, Russia is strict with drones…. You could not be more wrong about this. Russia was one of the easiest destinations to fly my drone, just simply notify authorities that you will be doing so. You will have aerial access to massive communist monuments, epic cityscapes, and remote landscapes that drone photographers crave! Russia is a drone paradise hidden in the rough! 

Top Remote Travel Photography Destinations


Yemen’s beauty is abundant, but because of its inaccessibility, it remains untouchable for most. I had the privilege to travel Yemen for two months in 2019, getting access to some of the most insanely beautiful landscapes, cultures, and cities I have ever witnessed in my life. Yemen will always be in my top five places ever to have traveled and photographed! 


A trip to Ethiopia feels as if you are traveling to another world! Here the landscapes are gorgeous, historical sights will amaze you and the untouched tribal cultures of the south are a dazzling display of cultures untouched by modern society. Ethiopia will draw you in and take you for a whirlwind adventure to some of the most remote/untouched corners of the planet! 

Best Countries For Travel Photography 2021
Mursi Tribe, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Best Countries For Dark Tourism Photography 

Chernobyl (Ukraine)

Have you ever dreamed of photographing abandoned apocalyptic nuclear wastelands? How about hidden communist monuments decaying as nature rectifies its wrath upon it? If you answered with a resounding yes then Chernobyl is the destination for you! Exploring abandoned city streets whilst using your Geiger detector to detect radiation is one hell of an experience for those who want to travel and photograph an unusual destination.

North Korea 

Ever wonder what it was like to travel in the Soviet Union during the ’50s? Welcome to North Korea, the world’s most closed and secretive country. Photographing here is a challenge but those who do it will tell you it was one of the most thrilling places to not only photograph, but to see with their very own eyes! I will always say this, North Korea is one of the most unique places I have ever been!

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