Where in the World Can I Travel During Covid?

Traveling During Covid 

Over the past few months of the pandemic, I have been quiet on the travel blogging scene. This is for many reasons, but the number one reason is simple; Travel has not been possible and those that have decided to defy the laws set in place were in my eyes, very foolish for doing so. So, I figured why write about travel when there are so many uncertainties ahead, alas! Some information is emerging on what travel is going to look like for the last quarter of 2020. Now, before you run off and purchase a plane ticket I recommend using this information that I have researched over the past few months as a guide to help you plan and do MORE research of your own as traveling during Covid can change rapidly. 

Should I Travel During Covid? 

This is the first question many are asking themselves. With so much misleading information circulating about Covid-19 numbers and risks, we should reconsider our travel plans. To put it simply nobody knows what’s going to happen and the moment you step on that plane you are taking the inherent risk of getting infected, infecting others, or even getting quarantined on your own money somewhere in the world.

Where in the World Can I Travel During Covid?
Should I Travel During Covid? 

So, is traveling worth the risk right now? This I, unfortunately, cannot answer for you, I can tell you that I am hoping to travel this year, but I am also preparing to NOT travel this year. It is a decision based on my own morals, finances, and whether I think travel would even be enjoyable now. These are all factors one should take into consideration. 

Where Can I Even Travel Right Now? 

Ok, you are dead set on traveling this year! But where can you even travel in a world devastated from the pandemic? Here is a list of regions that are opening, but PLEASE remember this information can be considered outdated as the situation changes extremely fast.


Unless you are from the United States and a few other banned countries the majority of Europe is opening for travel this June/July. This includes EU countries, Switzerland, and most Balkan countries.  

Where in the World Can I Travel During Covid?
Iceland is open!

Traveling here now does not require a 14-day quarantine period, but a few of the nations have disclaimed they may require a negative Covid-19 test result from your home country, or you are to be tested upon arrival. 


This is where I am considering travel this year! Both Turkey and Georgia have celebrated with considerably lower Covid cases and plan to open their borders to international tourists this summer!

Where in the World Can I Travel During Covid?
Cappadocia, Turkey


The UAE is reopening its borders as of July 7th, 2020 to all foreign nationals as long as you arrive with negative covid results no older than 96 hours of your departure. 


It appears that Mexico is open for travel! But dig deeper and you will see it is only for selected resort areas like Cancun. For extensive backpacking, the majority of Mexico will remain closed until the Covid numbers decline to a favorable number. 


Here is a complete list of Africa Nations lifting travel restrictions this summer. Tunisia, Tanzania, Seychelles, Rwanda, Egypt, 

I have conducted a lot of time and research into the restrictions that will stay in place although for these countries and it is quite confusing. For example, Egypt is claiming to be open, but look further and it is only for resort areas in Sinai. 

Where in the World Can I Travel During Covid?

I suggest waiting until October or November before planning anything into Africa. I have friends in Namibia who have also confirmed waiting is your best option right now. 


Most of the Caribbean has decided to reopen! And this includes travelers from the USA. For this very reason, I am personally staying clear of these nations. I believe their proximity to the United States which has the world’s highest cases and complete disregard of this will only result in a spike of cases that will ultimately reclose borders. 

Where in the World Can I Travel During Covid?

Some of the Caribbean nations reopening will require negative Covid test results before entering. 


Writing about Asia breaks my heart as this is where I was planning to travel this year. I cannot provide much reliable information either as none of the countries planning to reopen have stated that they are certain of the dates provided. 

Where in the World Can I Travel During Covid?

Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia have given positive information on reopening this fall to international tourists, but everything remains quite unclear. 

Asia appears to be a place of travel for 2021. 

What Will Travel Look Like This Year?

We have all seen it on social media, empty airports, full hazmat suited airline employees, and massive lineups awaiting Covid-19 testing. But what is travel going to look like if we do decide to board that plane this year?

A few things that are certain are the fact that you will be required to wear a mask. There is no way around this and to be honest, if you are one of those people who refuse to wear a mask then just simply stay home and complain about it on Facebook. 

Where in the World Can I Travel During Covid?

Another almost certain fact is the delays. This year there are not nearly as many flights and every place you fly to will have its own Covid-19 measures in place. This guarantees that travel will require many delays.

The biggest factor you must prepare for if you decide to travel is unexpected changes in your plans. That is right! At any moment, your flight may get canceled, you may require to be quarantined and worst of all the borders may close in the blink of an eye! This is where you must assess the risk of travel yourself and decide whether it’s worth it. 

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