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Travel inspiration: Ten reasons why you should take the plunge and travel

Looking for a little travel inspiration? Here are a few reasons why you should get out there!

10. Traveling teaches you a lot

Ask any traveler and he/she will tell you the same thing, traveling is a real education a degree of global knowledge. Traveling has taught me languages with more success than any class in school did. Traveling brings Geography alive, not only can I name most counties I have stories of its people and there way of life. While traveling you also become a history buff, you will be amazed the by the history you were never taught.

9. Traveling is really not that expensive

Really it’s true! If you can learn to let go of western comforts you will be amazed of at how affordable traveling is. There are some exceptions like traveling in say Norway or England that will never be considered “cheap”, but for example while traveling in Tokyo I found accommodation as low as 15 USD a day downtown. Food is the biggest bargain, in most Asian countries you can get a delicious meal for lower than 5 USD a day and now days with cheap online flights flying has become incredibly cheap and well connected.

8. Experiences last longer than possessions

Remember that new phone you just had to have… chances are its hiding somewhere covered in dust. Traveling on the other hand leaves you with memories that will leave you laughing by yourself like a mad man or inspire you to better yourself in many ways. These experiences traveling leaves you with will never leave your heart and will develop you into a unique individual.

7. Feel more confident

Returning from a trip leaves you feeling like Superman, you have a whole new outlook on life. The materialistic side of you dwindles while replaced by a person who is more outgoing and more willing to try new things. Your outlook on life will make you feel like no obstacle is too high for you to achieve and there is no such thing as failure, it’s only another reason to head on that next trip to see what else traveling can make you feel.

6. Having amazing stories

Driving motorbikes across the Himalayas, Mingling with the Nomadic Mursi tribe of Ethiopia, having tea while wondering where you actually are in Afghanistan or how about getting a tattoo from a Buddhist monk in northern Thailand. These are just some of the stories that come to mind when I think about traveling. Traveling leaves you with stories that others think only people who work for National Geographic experience.

5. Making long life friendships

The friendships you develop while traveling are unique, travelers are used to saying goodbye so when they reunite it’s as if nothing has changed, you just take up right where you left off. It’s also amazing how many friends you will keep in touch with, and not to mention it’s also pretty great having a couch to crash in nearly every country you can think of. You will be amazed who you become friends with as well, Age, language, distance, none of these will apply to the rules of friendship while traveling.

4. Discover new foods and flavours

Beijing Peking duck, Indian Tandoori, Malaysian Laksa these are some of my favourite meals. When I find myself returning to a place the first thing I do is eat that meal that left a place in my heart. If you’re new to exotic flavours I invite you to drop all your stereotypes and dive in. There is a world of flavour out there you have yet to experience so don’t be shy and try it all you never know what you’ll return home to cook and serve to your friends.

3. Facing your fears

Have you ever had a fear you wanted to get over, for some it’s trying strange new foods, for others it’s more of an adrenaline filled fear. For me it was heights, this is why I chose to Bungee jump over the Nile River in Uganda. Now I’m not saying all of my fear is gone, but hey that jump killed the majority of and fear of heights inside me. Why not test your limits and beat it.

2. Become a new person

Getting home with all the secret knowledge you absorbed while traveling can be exhilarating, but what is really shocking is the thing you most likely won’t even notice. That would be how others see you change. You become more open minded more outgoing and as said before much more confident. Your new skill will also impress others such as being able to communicate in another language or jumping to the opportunity to try that weird looking dish at the ethnic restaurant you always eat at. Whatever it is traveling creates a new you whether you notice or not

1. It’s really not as hard as you might think

Ok so you want to travel but it’s kind of scary booking that plane ticket and making the commitment. My biggest tip is don’t over think it, just buy that ticket and fly to wherever you planned on going, no plan, no friends, no problem. Traveling tends to work itself out, don’t worry about “will I find a hotel”, or “I’m going alone I will be so lonely”. Trust me you will meet lots of new friends very fast, and there is always accommodation and people willing to help you with any problem you encounter. You are never going alone, strangers will seemingly turn into friends and fears will become something of the past that you could not imagine why they stopped you from doing this.

Do not fear the unknown. Embrace it, challenge it, travel it

Travel inspiration: Ten reasons why you should take the plunge and travel

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