Author - Stephen Gollan

11 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

Why You Need to Visit Antarctica 

The Lure of traveling to Antarctica conjures up tales of immense adventure. Antarctica is widely considered the world’s final frontier for travelers! An expedition to the end of the world is a once in a lifetime experience, but you should not wait to take the plunge and travel here! I could honestly come up with hundreds of reasons why you need to visit Antarctica right now, but for your convenience, I have compiled 11 of my top reasons to visit the land of penguins. I spent a total of two weeks on the continent and it also happens to be my last continent visited! Antarctica truly has something for everyone, so join in on the adventure to Antarctica with me! 

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Travel to Antarctica Video

Travel Antarctica

Earths last and greatest final frontier, Antarctica! This is the kind of destination many dream of, surreal landscapes teeming with wildlife and following the steps of heroic adventurers. Antarctica is a travel destination that will become your greatest life memory. This is my Antarctica travel video which has rare drone footage as only a select few people on the planet have been given permission to use drones in Antarctica and I am one of them! I hope you enjoy this one of a kind expedition into the most remote corner of the planet, Antarctica!

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Adventure Travel Photography Guide

Adventure Travel Photography Tips

Alas! The days are gone where only the most skilled photographer would be sent on long drawn out photography missions around the globe.

Nowadays, any ambitious traveler can stake their claim in the travel photography world.

However, with mass photo sharing applications like Instagram and Facebook, it can seem a bit daunting for the aspiring travel photographer.

Uncharted Backpackers Guide to Adventure Travel Photography will help sort out basic questions like how to get your photos noticed, choosing the right travel camera, and how to make use of all those confusing buttons!

It’s time to become the travel photographer you always wanted to!

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Which Backpack is the Best For Traveling?

Picking the Best Travel Backpack  

After traveling all seven continents I am constantly asked: “Which backpack do you use traveling?”. Why is this such an important question to travelers?

Your Travel Backpack is essentially your home! It must work with you in whatever style of travel you do!

Throughout my years of traveling, I have tested all kinds of backpacks for each individual style of travel and I can tell you that there is a perfect travel backpack for every type of traveler! And this is the ultimate guide to the best travel backpack.

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