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Cruise the Amazon River Manaus, Brazil

Cruising the Brazilian Amazon

Pictures this, steamy jungles as far as the eye can see, an abundance of rare wildlife, uncontacted tribes all unique with their own culture. This is the Brazilian Amazon and it has so many adventures for travellers. Brazil occupies one of the largest regions of the Amazon jungle and the remote city of Manaus is the starting point for all adventures into the Brazilian Amazon region. Traveling this part of the world cannot be done by road, but instead must be done by boat making it not only an extraordinary rare travel experience but a unique one that cannot be found easily in the modern world. Venture with me into Brazil’s final frontier, the Brazilian Amazon! 

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Cheap Adventure Travel Destinations 2020

Cheap Adventure Travel Destinations 2020

Query “Cheap Travel Destinations” and you will get the same list of countries travel bloggers have been telling you to go to for budget-friendly travel for years! Is it just me or are you sick of seeing the same list year after year? There is however plenty of other unique and incredible destinations waiting to be explored that are perfect for those on a budget! This list of destinations has fewer tourists, feels more authentic and will leave you with real travel memories that you will never forget, not to mention be able to brag about. Here is my list of true adventure and cheap travel destinations for 2020. 

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Top Things to Do in Haida Gwaii – Canada

Top Things to do in Haida Gwaii, Canada 

This is Canada’s top travel secret and those who have discovered it will tell you that it ranks not just in the top experiences in Canada but one of their favorite places they have been! The remote islands of Haida Gwaii also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands are coveted for their natural beauty, pristine nature, abundant wildlife, and indigenous Haida History. Hike through ancient growth forests, kayak amongst whales and discover an intriguing culture in which folklore can be found across the islands. This is Canada’s best-kept secret and here are the top things to do in Haida Gwaii. 

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The Best Photo Spots in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Looking for some great photo spots when in Rio de Janeiro?

I’ve got you covered. In this post I’ll show you some of the best spots for taking photos that are well known but also some hidden gems that you won’t want to miss.

The moment you land in Rio de Janeiro you will feel the beat of Brazil’s addictive and colorful culture. It’s a city of contrasts, modern cityscapes backing onto historic Portuguese districts, vibrant jungle-clad mountains, white sand beaches and sprawling colorful favela districts right next door to glamorous hotels. Its an addictive, chaotic, stunningly beautiful place that I can without a doubt say is one of my favorite places on earth. Rio has so much to offer when it comes to sights, food, and activities that it will impress even the most jaded of travelers. Grab a Caipirinha and follow the drums in one of South America’s top cities to visit. This photo spot guide for Rio de Janerio will make sure you see the best angles of this incredible destination.   

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