2021 The Year Travel Blogging Died

Is Travel Blogging Dead? 

2020 was a hard year on tourism and for professional travel bloggers alike. Moving into 2021 it seemed that tourism was about to make a comeback! The new year is finally here! And unfortunately, tourism has not reappeared. With vaccines being deployed at a record slow speed and new mutations of covid-19 increasing numbers around the world to an all-new high it seems that 2021 will not be the year travel reopens. What does this mean for travel blogging? I have been travel blogging for over eight years now and here is what I have to say. 

The Great Tourism Collapse

As a travel blogger, I have heavily relied on sponsored tours to maintain a constant life on the road. For the past eight years, it has been incredibly successful, and I have traveled to over one hundred countries! The last place I traveled to was Antarctica; A goal I had set the day I started my travel blog. 

2021 The Year Travel Blogging Died
Travel Blogging will be making a shift in 2021!

Many of the companies I have worked with have either gone bankrupt or are so far set back that an advertising budget that can afford to hire a blogger like me is a whisper of the past. Simply put, tourism has collapsed. With zero tourism and a year’s worth of tourists wanting refunds for their planned trips, the majority of travel companies had to call it quits. 

Hello? Is Anybody Our There? 

Every travel blogger has been hit in one way or another. Despite the smiling advertisements of big-time bloggers, the truth is most of them that have relied on the blogging industry as a sole income are feeling the pressure of zero traffic. 

A blog’s popularity is primarily based on “Google Search” and how relevant your blog is on the first page of the search. This has not changed, but what has drastically changed is people searching for travel keywords. 

Most of the leaders within the blogging industry have reported their traffic is down by over 75%. This is enough to end a blog’s life, especially if you were relying on the blog to pay for your survival. 

This leaves the question, “Is anyone even reading travel blogs anymore?”. The simple answer is no, but on the other hand, there are a plethora of people waiting to travel again. So how will a travel blogger survive the pandemic?  

2021 The Year Travel Blogging Died
Traffic may be reducing, but quality is retuning!

How a Travel Blogger Survives Covid-19

This question is huge, but the answer is simple, I know all of you are desperate for me to shine my gift from God upon you but simply put, travel blogs do not survive this pandemic, but why would you say this Stephen! 

2021 is not the end of conventional travel blogging, but it is truly the end of travel blogging as we know it! Travel blogging like everything is going to have to undergo drastic change to survive. 

2021 The Year Travel Blogging Died
Exploring new frontiers and a passion for travel will be “authentic” blogging

Is Travel Blogging Dead?

So, what is this change I keep rambling on about? Obviously this is just my opinion, but as a travel blogger trying to survive all of this, I can tell you that the way to adapt as a travel blogger is to start using a blog as a hobby. 

Why do I think this is fantastic? All those Instagram stars, Youtuber assholes, and All-Star pageant bloggers will be forced to transition back into what blogging was originally created for, hobbyist informing travelers about their recent trips. 

2021 The Year Travel Blogging Died

The era of travel blogging where displaying your fake life to sell shit products is over, well not entirely, but I believe that the world is waking up. We are beginning to see that envy and FOMO was all fake, to begin with, and living a simple life with traveling in your own unique way is all that really matters. 

Why Now is a Great Time to Start a Blog!

I honestly believe we are about to enter a renaissance of Travel blogging and just like when the French cut their kings head off, I am ecstatic to see the fall of “Fake Travel”. 

Starting a travel blog now is going to be life-changing! Traveling, as much as many want to think it will be the same, it won’t! The world will be a completely different place full of new adventures to be had (and obstacles). 

If you start a travel blog now you will be one of the few who will be blogging about the new world of travel we are entering, the ones who do it for themselves and offer genuine help with travel information. No more “How can I take advantage and make copious amounts of money”, but instead blogging for peace of mind. 

2021 The Year Travel Blogging Died
Afghanistan is where my blog started and will always continue to inspire me to blog!

Trust me when I say this, this new era of travel blogging is better because the reality behind those perfect lives of bloggers was not great. They have huge deadlines, never travel for themselves, and are constantly video themselves rather than enjoying their trip. 

Now we can get back to our roots and what travel blogging was intended to do! Join the revolution and start a travel blog! Normally, this is where I would insert a link to Word Press or some other host to make a commission, but that is not going to happen! 

Stephen Gollan

Uncharted Backpacker is a glimpse at the past eleven years of globetrotting I have done. Now at over ninety countries I share my travel knowledge for you so you too can travel the world and see what wonders it has to offer.

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