Local dressed in traditional gear leaving Erdene Zuu Khid.

Mongolian Throat Singing – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mongolian throat singing or Tuvan throat singing, has been practiced throughout Mongolia for centuries. The Singer produces a pitch (usually a low one), and then creates another pitch simultaneously over top of the original one. Master Tuvan throat singers are able to create even more than two pitches at once! The people of Tuva have created many styles of overtone...


Mongolia – Kharkhorin to Orkhon, Mongols, Nomads and Shamans

Ulaanbaatar and the Orkhon Valley – Mongolia  My mind is clearer here. The morning dew gives a fresh earthy scent as you breathe it in. Open your eyes to the wide vistas of emerald green seas of grass blowing in the crisp wind at your face. The odd puffy white clouds covering the ground from here and there. A chill running deep inside from the brisk cold air as...