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Useful Travel Gear: Universal Travel Adapter

Adventure Travel Photography Guide

Adventure Travel Photography Tips

Alas! The days are gone where only the most skilled photographer would be sent on long drawn out photography missions around the globe.

Nowadays, any ambitious traveler can stake their claim in the travel photography world.

However, with mass photo sharing applications like Instagram and Facebook, it can seem a bit daunting for the aspiring travel photographer.

Uncharted Backpackers Guide to Adventure Travel Photography will help sort out basic questions like how to get your photos noticed, choosing the right travel camera, and how to make use of all those confusing buttons!

It’s time to become the travel photographer you always wanted to!

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Which Backpack is the Best For Traveling?

Picking the Best Travel Backpack  

After traveling all seven continents I am constantly asked: “Which backpack do you use traveling?”. Why is this such an important question to travelers?

Your Travel Backpack is essentially your home! It must work with you in whatever style of travel you do!

Throughout my years of traveling, I have tested all kinds of backpacks for each individual style of travel and I can tell you that there is a perfect travel backpack for every type of traveler! And this is the ultimate guide to the best travel backpack.

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Cruise the Amazon River Manaus, Brazil

Cruising the Brazilian Amazon

Pictures this, steamy jungles as far as the eye can see, an abundance of rare wildlife, uncontacted tribes all unique with their own culture. This is the Brazilian Amazon and it has so many adventures for travellers. Brazil occupies one of the largest regions of the Amazon jungle and the remote city of Manaus is the starting point for all adventures into the Brazilian Amazon region. Traveling this part of the world cannot be done by road, but instead must be done by boat making it not only an extraordinary rare travel experience but a unique one that cannot be found easily in the modern world. Venture with me into Brazil’s final frontier, the Brazilian Amazon! 

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Cool Travel Items

Scratch Off World Map Poster

The perfect gift for any traveller

Scratch off the countries you've been to to track your travels!

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Cheap Adventure Travel Destinations 2020

Cheap Adventure Travel Destinations 2020

Query “Cheap Travel Destinations” and you will get the same list of countries travel bloggers have been telling you to go to for budget-friendly travel for years! Is it just me or are you sick of seeing the same list year after year? There is however plenty of other unique and incredible destinations waiting to be explored that are perfect for those on a budget! This list of destinations has fewer tourists, feels more authentic and will leave you with real travel memories that you will never forget, not to mention be able to brag about. Here is my list of true adventure and cheap travel destinations for 2020. 

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