Traveling to Greenland this Summer

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Greenland is a destination that many believe is nearly impossible to travel through, but for some time now daring travelers have been venturing into the remote wilderness of Greenland’s Arctic. Those who have traveled here have told me stories of unimaginable beauty, traditional Inuit Cultures and unbelievably raw nature, but the most alluring thing I am told is that Greenland is addictive. This summer I will begin a two-week adventure starting from Greenland’s historic South and heading north by boat to the Arctic Circle.

Why Travel to Greenland?

Many people are asking me “why travel to Greenland?”, Countless times now I have flown from my home in Canada to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Every trip across the Atlantic I would peer out my window to look down at this magical frozen landscape in awe at the massive icebergs, impossibly blue water and jagged mountain peaks. Seeing this I always wondered “what is life like down there?”

Now, with the power of Guide to Greenland behind me I will travel the icy island as an independent Backpacker to investigate the sights, culture, food and epic wilderness of this remote nation. More importantly I plan to show the world that Greenland is ready for you!

Traveling to Greenland this Summer

Guide to Greenland

Traveling here is unique and requires a lot of extensive planning. Coming here without the help of a company or agency is possible, but will be very difficult and very expensive as tourism is not yet developed. Traveling here is also very remote and there is virtually no “public transport”, making traveling to certain areas impossible.

Traveling to Greenland this Summer

In this unique travel situation its best to reach out to a travel company that specialises in travel here. The company that I will be directly dealing with is Guide to Greenland.

Guide to Greenland and my website Uncharted Backpacker value the same ideas when it comes to travel; We value experiences, cultural interaction, and adventure. Together we will be exploring the potential of new destinations within Greenland and to visit areas known to photograph and explore future possibilities here.

Traveling to Greenland this Summer

My Greenland Itinerary

Stage 1 – Iceland to Narsarsuaq 

Blissfully stunning, The South is known for its dramatic mountain scenery. Archaeological Norse Ruins, steaming hots springs and Fjords filled with blue icebergs. Making my way to Qaqortoq I will hike in Greenlandic Farmlands and culture.

Stage 2 – Qaqortoq to Nuuk

From South Greenland I will be sailing north along the West coast with a stop at Paamiut. Passing by giant icebergs and small remote Inuit Villages. There will be plenty of opportunity to whale watch and observe wildlife.

Stage 3 – The Capital Nuuk

Greenland’s largest community and most cosmopolitan. This is where I will explore the “New” region and what the future holds for this behemoth island. Nuuk plays host to some of the countires best cultural museums. I will also head deeper into Nuuk’s Fjord and gorgeous mountains for more Greenlandic nature.

Stage 4 – Sailing to Ilulissat

Sailing from Nuuk to Ililissat I will cross into the Arctic Circle and into the remote north. Here, life is still primarily based on hunting and the majority of the communities are extremely remote. The icebergs will be getting much larger and the climate harsher. My ship will also stop in the towns of Maniitsoq and Sisimiut.

Stage 5 – Ililissat and Disko Bay

This is the highlight of my trip ,the iconic and beautiful Disko Bay. Here, massive icebergs float seamlessly through the arctic blue waters of the Arctic North. Many Inuit communities here live primarily off hunting. The wildlife is abundant and so is the awe inspiring Greenlandic scenery. I will also delve deeper into North Greenlandic Culture to see how it various amongst the different regions.

Stage 6 – Back to Iceland

Flying from Ilulissat back to Reykjavik, Iceland I will cross the entire country tracing my footsteps from above.

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