Romantic Trips To Iceland What To Do In Iceland

Romantic Getaways To Iceland – Things To Do In Iceland

Romantic Iceland Travel 

When I think of Iceland I think of Vikings, big burly bad asses roaming the land with swords, ready to ward off anyone who wishes to stand in their way. When we got there we quickly realised how sweet and romantic it really is. The chilly weather sets the tone for cuddling up at night under the northern lights, the luxurious lagoons throughout the country make everyday a spa day, and the pristine nature means you are always surrounded by beauty. If you’re looking for a romantic destination that’s different from the typical “tropical hideaway” then we highly encourage you to come to Iceland and experience this winter wonderland for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed.

Dazzling Northern Lights

For obvious reasons this is the first on the list, whether you have seen them before or if this is your first time witnessing this spectacle of lights, your sure to be amazed! We must admit that we did not come at the ideal time to witness the Northern lights as it was too early on in the season. Luckily for us we did manage to catch a glimpse as we curled up in our wool blanket and sipped on Brennivin under the stars. As the sun went down and the darkness set in and trickles of green began to pour into the night sky like paint on a canvas. There is nothing quite like this sight so be sure to keep an eye on the forecast while you’re there.

Romantic Getaways To Iceland - Things To Do In Iceland

Remote Hidden Hot Pots

There are so many hot pots around Iceland to choose from, and why chose just one! We lounged in these natural pools of geothermal heaven almost every day on our journey. We loved grabbing a hot chocolate or a bottle of wine and slipping into the warm water after a long day of exploring, it felt so good to soothe our aching muscles. If you find yourself in an area without a hot pot don’t worry as many hotels also offer great hot tubs in their spa and will let outsiders partake for a fee.

Romantic Getaways To Iceland - Things To Do In Iceland
Chelsea enjoying a dip in the 2 person hot Pot

Our top pick is the Landbrotalaug hot spring in Snæfellsnes. This hot pot is still very natural, and very small. Meaning if you are lucky enough to arrive and find it empty, it will just be you and your partner.

Back Country Horseback Riding

Taking a horseback ride down one of the many remote trails and gazing over lava fields, rolling hills, waterfalls, and river systems with your other half is a sure fire way to keep each other happy and entertained during your trip. Our recommendation is the Heydalur Guesthouse, not only is the hotel wonderful and eccentric to stay at but they have hot pots and horseback riding to enjoy as well.

Romantic Getaways To Iceland - Things To Do In Iceland
Stephen petting one of the Icelandic Horses

We found that the horses were very well trained and the guide is very careful when selecting which horse is right for you. I had a beautiful horse who trotted along wonderfully, whereas Stephen opted for a more rambunctious horse who flew into a full fledged run whenever instructed. It has been said that the Icelandic horse is one of the cutest breeds in the world, this is because they are much smaller than the average horse (sometimes almost pony sized), and the hair on their mane is thicker. The reason for their unique characteristics is that they were bred in isolation for over 1000 years!

Massive Waterfalls

There are over 10,000 waterfalls in Iceland (seriously it’s ridiculous) and each one is more spectacular than the last. Some of our favourites include the Dettifoss waterfall, which is the most powerful waterfall in Europe located in Vatnajökull National Park, as well as the Seljalandfoss waterfall located between Hella and Vik in the south, which you can walk behind!

Romantic Getaways To Iceland - Things To Do In Iceland

So put on your rain poncho and get ready to brave the wet for that epic shot of you and your loved one gazing into each other’s eyes under the waterfall… I know cheesy, but you know you want to. And if you haven’t popped the big question yet, there is nothing quite like a proposal with a waterfall as your back drop 😉

Elegant and Delicious Fine Dining

5 star meals are not something we often partake in while traveling, but after hearing the other travelers rave about the dining in Iceland we just had to try it, and once we started we couldn’t stop! The chefs in this country are phenomenal, whether it’s traditional or fusion cuisine your after they have it and they have mastered it.

If your taste buds are adventurous there are options such as Grey Goose Salad, Smoked Puffin, Shark Fin Soup, and even Cured Horse! Now, if the thought of munching down on horse meat isn’t your idea of a romantic dinner then not to worry, there are plenty of other delicious dishes more desirable to the reserved pallet. Many of our meals included Lamb Chops, Seafood soup, Cod, and for dessert we enjoyed dishes like Mango Skyr, Chocolate Lava Cake, Meringue pie and ice cream.

Icebergs at Diamond Beach

This was one of our highlights of our trip across Iceland. Diamond Beach is a black sand beach located in the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon between Hof and Hofn. The beach is situated along a glacier plain containing chunks of ice that have fallen off the Iceberg and into the water. The ice becomes smooth as it tumbles through the water and becomes a crystal clear “Diamond” as it washes up onto the shoreline. I think we spent a good hour walking hand in hand along the beach as the tide came in and the ice chunks began lifting back out into the water, it was a beautiful site to see and truly a unique experience.

Iceland Unlimited

As a couple who travels frequently we often see tour operators around the world going the extra mile to add a sprinkle of romance into their packages, but Iceland Unlimited definitely takes the cake. It seems as if everyone and everything was designed to make you feel that warm fuzzy feeling of love and comfort. Whether you’re going to Iceland to propose, or to celebrate an anniversary or for your honeymoon, Iceland Unlimited has your romantic getaway covered.

Romantic Getaways To Iceland - Things To Do In Iceland

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