Chachapoyas, Peru – Chachapoyas Ruins Travel Video

The dense cloud forests blanketing the valleys around Chachapoyas, Peru hold many secrets. Swinging my machete to clear the brush we push on deeper into the unknown in search of archaeological sights shrouded in mysterious mythological tales.

Above, the tombs of ancients cling to the cliffs, now and then a human skull protrudes from the brush fallen from its final resting place. Clearing off the vines from a stone wall, patterns begin to emerge, these are not natural piles of stones, they are the remnants of a civilization long gone and swallowed by the jungle. It’s remote, hot, and took a lot of effort to get here, but damn do I ever feel like Indiana Jones!

This is the wilds of Peru, welcome to Chachapoyas

Vilaya Tours – Chachapoyas Peru

Rob Dover the founder of Vilaya Tours in Chachapoyas is the man to call for a true adventure into one of Peru’s final adventure destinations. Rob is always on the hunt for hidden caves, ancient cities and Chachapoyan mummies! Traveling here requires specialized attention due to the remoteness and undiscovered areas., Vilaya Tours is the only company here with the experience to deliver this!

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